The Argyll DSFB is a statutory consultee for planning applications, such as aquaculture, wind farms and hydro schemes, that have the potential to affect salmon and trout fisheries in Argyll.

As part of our commitment to greater transparency in our work we are now logging all consultations that we receive and making these and any responses we make available here on our website.

If anyone has specific comments on planning applications that are still pending or wants more details about an application please get in touch with us before the deadline for that application.


August 2022

Deadline 07/08/2022, Clachaig Glen Wind Farm and battery storage proposal, Scot Govt, Wind Farm and battery storage proposal, Further feedback from consultation
Deadline 06/08/2022, A83 South Craleckan, Bear, Retaining Wall Replacement, No objection, asked to be notifed if large fish present
Deadline 03/08/2022, Finnish A, SEPA, CAR/L/1003493, Technical variation to marine cage fish farm discharge, Requested EMP and that no expansion if licences in grants due to dwindling wild salmon numbers

July 2022

Deadline 18/07/2022, South Shian Marine Farm, 9670, ADSFB did not comment
Deadline 16/07/2022, Caledonian Oyster Co Marine Scot, 9512, Rubha Mor, Loch Creran ADSFB did not comment
Deadline 22/07/2022, Narachan Wind Farm proposal, Scot Govt ECU0000188, Further Information, Argyll DSFB did not comment on the additional information for the development of this wind farm which have corresponded on previously
Deadline 25/07/2022, North Argyll Tie-In OHL, Scot Govt 220622, Electricity Works, Argyll DSFB did not consult on this development
Deadline 19/07/2022, Creag Dhubh to Dalmally, Scot Govt 220617, Creag Dhubh to Dalmally 275kv OHL Connection, Argyll DSFB did not consult on this development Deadline 15/08/2022 Balliemeanoch,  Scot Govt EC00003444, Scoping Opinion ADSFB asked that additional risks of the Balliemeanoch scheme are not assessed in isolation within the EIA but as an addition to the existing impact on aquatic resources within the catchment

June 2022

Deadline 27/06/2022, Breakerie Wind Farm, Scot Gov ECU00004507, Scoping Request, Atlantic salmon and Sea trout are present in the Breakerie Water catchment and therefore the EIA needs to include baseline and post construction monitoring of fish populations and macroinvertebrates as prescribed by Marine Scotland

May 2022

Deadline 16/05/2022, Acihanelid New Woodland, New Woodland Creation, Overall supportive, would like more information and sensitive drainage required block D
Deadline 10/06/2022, Dalrioch Wind Farm, Scot Govt ECU00003474, Scoping Request, Urge that all consideration is given to the maintenance of stream habitats and water quality within and downstream of the development site throughout the projects lifetime
Lindowan Burn, A&B Council B833-25, Replace Lindown Culvert, ADSFB asked that the passage remains open for species such as trout and eels to pass
Deadline 25/04/2022, Clachaig Glen Wind Farm and Battery Storage Scot Govt ECU00002103, Proposed wind farm If brown trout available require fish monitoring programme

April 2022

Received 28/02/2022 Deadline 03/04/2022, Earraghail Renewable Energy Development Scot Govt ECU00003421, Reviewed and no concerns
Received 30/03/2022 Deadline 28/04/2022, Kames Fish Farm Marine, Scot 9435, Marine Licence Request No comment required as existing farm
Received 20/04/2022 Deadline 18/05/2022, Barcaldine Hatchery, Marine Scot 9687, Marine Licence Request, No requirement for ADSFB to comment

March 2022

Received 07/03/2022 Deadline 06/04/2022, North Kilbrannan Fish Farm, A&B Council, 20/01345/MFF, Formation of Fish Farm, No response at this stage
Received 07/03/2022 Deadline 06/04/2022, Dustaffnage, A&B Council, 20/02358/MFF, Modification to Fish Farm No response at this stage
Received 22/03/2022 Deadline 11/04/2022, Gometra, SEPA, CAR/L/1102386, Increase in Biomass, No response at this stage
Received 24/03/2022, Deadline 06/04/2022, Gigha Scottish Salmon Co.,Screening and Scoping, ADSFB would like to consult on the potential for the development to affect wild salmon and sea trout
Received 22/03/2022 Deadline 12/04/2022, 4km from Clachan, Scot Govt ECU00003448, Scoping for High Constellation Wind Farm, No need for Argyll DSFB to consult on these changes (turbine height) to an existing wind farm
Received 22/03/2022 Deadline 19/04/2022, FinFish Farm, Tarbert Scot Govt 9572 Deposit of Marine Farm, No comments submitted, consult on this application as it only deals with the physical structure and navigational aspects of the fish farm site.
Received 14/03/2022, An Càrr Dubh Wind Farm LUC 11260, ADSFB recommend that the trout populations be considered as wild brown trout as any effect of stocking may not be long lasting or have relevance to the conservation of existing stocks which are important in the own right as well as playing a key role in supporting local biodiversity.
Received 09/03/2022 Deadline 30/03/2022, Cruachan Scot Govt PHS Expansion, ADSFB is concerned that the level of detail provided on fisheries do not allow us to specific comment on the EIA Scoping Report

February 2022

AQUA, Geasgill Fish Farm,  A&B Council 19/01293/MFF, Additional consultation on Enlargement and increase of Biomass at Geasgill Fish farm, Isle of Mull – Environmental Management Plan, Argyll DSFB do not feel that the EMP provided by the applicant will be effective in meeting the local authority’s biodiversity responsibilities under the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004.

January 2022

OTHER, Received 21/01/2022, Deadline 18/02/2022, Seil Sound, Marine Scotland, 9492 Moorings, No comments submitted


AQUA Received 06/11/2021, Deadline  07/12/2021,  SEPA Correspondence: Notice of Appeal ADSFB did not comment on this as it is related to details of the amounts of sea lice treatments being used as opposed to amounts discharged
OTHER Received 10/12/2021, Deadline  21/01/2021, Bowling, Out with ADSFB area
AQUA Received 24/11/2021, Deadline  15/12/2021, Lurignish Farm, Appin, A & B Council 21/02201/PREAPP Pre Application, enclosed cage, Argyll DSFB are opposed to the further development of salmon farming on the grounds that the current regulation is insufficient to protect our at-risk wild salmon and sea trout from sea lice and escapee farm fish emanating from fish farms.
OTHER Received 16/12/2021, Deadline  27/01/2021, Inner Hebrideans Marine Scotland, 9611, Cable Installation, There is no affect on the interests of Argyll DSFB arising from this development
OTHER Received 06/12/2021, Deadline 07/01/2022, Isle of Mull RTS Forestry, Long Term Planning for Beach and East Scoor Forests, Isle of Mull


HYDRO, Deadline 08/11/2021, Drimlee, A & B Council 21/02056/SCRSCO,  Micro Hydro ADSFB objected as has potential to have significant impact on wild Atlantic salmon in the Aray
OTHER Received 18/11/2021, Deadeline  16/12/2021, Corran Bridge Bear Scotland 9345 Bridge Repairs. ADSFB did not comment as does not affect river channel.
AQUA Deadline 26/11/2021, Loch Lomond & Trossachs, 2021/0357/DET Introduce the first semi-closed containment system. Opposed to the proposal on the grounds that it has potential to cause further decline in wild salmon and sea trout populations.


AQUA: 04/10/2021: Aquaculture Regulatory Review Marine Scotland Document submitted
AQUA: Received 23/09/2021: Deadline 12/10/2021: Macleans Nose, Mull, SEPA CAR/L/1002965, Increase in Biomass. ADSFB responded that this development is inappropriate from the perspective of migratory salmonids and risks associated with the increase in potential of sea lice
OTHER Received 19/10/2021: Deadline  09/11/2021, Carradale Marine Scotland, 9441, Cable Replacement, Development will not affect wild salmonid, no comment.
OTHER Received 18/10/2021: Deadline 15/11/2021, Connel,  Marine Scotland, 9536 Bridge Maintenance. Larvae in the Sound of Mull and for interaction between wild and escapee farm fish
WIND FARM Received 22/10/2021: Deadline 22/11/2021, Naracahn Wind Farm  Proposal, ECU1884 Changes to proposal No response submitted


OTHER Balmichaeal, Isle of Arran Scottish Water Temporary River Abstraction proposal for temporary river abstraction Clauchan Water
OTHER Revceived 01/09/2021, Doctors Bridge Brodick SEPA CAR/S/SEPA2021-781, Bed reinforcement at the downstream end of this bridge on the Glen Cloy Burn
AQUA Received 27/08/2021, Deadline 01/09/2021 Lochranza, Broadhill SCOT. GOVT PPA-310-2033 Planning Permission Appeal ADSFB submitted an objection
AQUA Received 17/09/2021, Deadline 15/10/2021, Eilean Clotair Marine Scotland 9437, Deposit of Marine Farm, ADSFB did not submit a respone
HYDRO Received 06/09/2021,  Deadline 01/09/2021, Dickins Hydro In River Work Ext Progress, ADSFB identified rivers for early completion due to spawning                       OTHER, Seal Licencing, Meeting with FMS regarding blanket rejection of seal licences  AQUA, Received 07/09/2021, Deadline 28/09/2021, Beinn Reithe, SEPA CAR/L/SEPA2021-728 new farm proposed in Loch Long, ADSFB will not be commenting at this stage in the process                                                                                                        OTHER, Received 22/09/2021, N/A, Glenmore Woodland Forestry and Land Scot Mixed Woodland proposal, No comment as no fisheries near by
OTHER Received 17/09/2021 N/A, Lochranza, Broadhill Scotttish Water Weir sediment clearance, Due to spawning asked that work takes place June-September


Received 20/07/2021, Deadline 11/08/2021, Cruachan Expansion Project, Scot Govt, ECU00003298 Scoping Request                                                                                                WIND FARM Received 14/07/2021, Deadline 06/08/2021, Ladyfield Wind Farm, Scot Govt ECU00003291, Scoping Request, No mention of fish habitats in request, ADSFB suggested that surveys and data should be used
OTHER Received 20/07/2021, Deadline 11/08/2021, Cruachan Expansion Project, Scot Govt, ECU00003298 Scoping Request, Asked to be consulted on fish survey and results and effects to increased water discharge
OTHER Received 04/08/2021, Deadline  24/09/2021, Whistlefiels to Dunoon, SSE LT193 OHL, Rebuild, No comments as close to existing line
AQUA Received 03/08/2021,  Deadline 30/08/2021, Shuna Island, Loch Linnhie Marine Scotland 9254 Deposit of Marine Farm No need for comment at this stage
AQUA Received 09/08/2021, Deadline 06/09/2021, Lisomre West, Loch Linnhie Scot Sea Farms 9247, Planning Permission, No comment submitted by ADSFB
AQUA Received 10/08/2021, Deadline 07/09/2021, Dunstaffanage, Loch Linnhie Marine Scotland 9251, Change to licence, No comment as only relates to navigation
WIND FARM Received 12/08/2021,  Deadline 02/09/2021 Escart Farm, Skipness Argyll and Bute Council 21/01179/pp, Consent renewal for existing wind farm
OTHER Received 29/07/2021, Deadline 26/08/2021 Dychlcemore Forest Plan Scot Woodlands Scoping Request, Highlighted need for mitigation action to prevent damage to habitat and rivers


Received 18/06/2021, Deadline  13/08/2021, Creag Dhubh to Dalmally SSE 275KV Connection does not cross any significant habitats, no comment submitted by ADSFB
Received 08/07/2021, Deadline N/A, Glen Orchy Glen Lochy Foresty and Land Com Scoping Request

Received 05/07/2021, Deadline 02/08/2021, Claonaig Ferry Terminal Marine Scotland, 8955, Outfall Extension, No comment as no impact on fisheries or wild fish
Received 21/07/2021, Allt Gruiniche & Awe IKM Consultancy Instream Construction Works, Recommendations given
Received 26/07/2021, Deadline 03/08/2021, Fish Farm Containment & Code of Practice, Scot Govt, Comments submitted, poorly co-ordinated policy
Received 19/07/2021, Deadline 02/08/2021, Port-a Bjuiliton, Marine Scotland, 9101, Algal Farm, No need for ADSFB to comment

June 2021

Received 15/06/2021, Deadline  13/07/2021, Strone, Loch Striven Marine Scotland, 9209 Deposit of Marine Farm No comment from ADSFB, licensing an existing farm
Received 25/06/2021, Deadline 23/07/2021, Isle of Lismore Marine Scotland, 9244 Mooring, No comment from ADSFB
Received 07/06/2021, Deadline 09/07/2021, Creag Dhubh to Inveraray 275 kV OHL ADSFB commeneted that consultation LT194 SSE LT194 route should be constructed away from the River Aray onto route options A or E to minimise any impact on migratory fish and their habitats.
Received 02/07/2021, Deadline N/A, River Lonan SSE Cable Installation, ADSFB commented regarding access and culvets
Received 10/06/2021, Deadline 09/07/2021, Ardgaddan Marine Scotland 9186 Marine Farm, No comment from ADSFB

May 2021

Received 20/05/2020, B839 Road Bridge, Scottish Water Installation Pipe Protection, Happy with you proposed works; however, keen to avoid creating any kind of weir at the crossing which can interfere with migration of different fish species
Received 18/05/2021 Deadline  15/06/2021, Linnhe Marine Marine Scotland 9725 Replace existing moorings, No comment required
Received 10/05/2021, Deadline 07/06/2021, Group Forests Forrest Scotland No comment required
Received 20/05/2021, Deadline  11/06/2021, North Arran SEPA CAR/L/1181033, Increase in Biomass Objection due to important migration pathway for Atlantic Salmon
Received 24/05/2021, Deadline 21/06/2021, Rhbha Stillaig, Loch Fyne Marine Scotland 9274 Deposit of Fish Farm
Received 23/03/2021, Deadline 31/05/2021, Marine Plan Review, Marine Scotland, No comment from ADSFB
Received 11/05/2021, Deadline 02/06/2021, Car Dhub Wind Farm Scot Govt, Scoping Request, Pre and post surveys recommended to ensure no damage to fish populations

April 2021

Received 30/03/2021, Tobermory Bay, 20/02330/PP, Pipeline Development, ADSFB commented that the proposed filter screen of 15 mm width has some potential to act as a gillnet on smaller fish, recommend that the finer 8 mm diameter screen material is also placed on top of or directly under the main screen so there is no possibility of fish becoming trapped.
Received 08/03/2021, deadline 12/04/2021, Arnicle Wind Farm, Scot Govt, Scoping Request, ADSFB recommended developer indentify additional pressures on wild fish
Received 05/04/2021, Alt Coire Chailean, Bear, Scour Repair, ADSFB highlighted the need for care in terms of maintaining water quality so that the useful habitat downstream is not affected by the works.
Received April, Shuna Island, A&B Council, 2100268/MFF, Shuna Island Expansion, ADSFB objected as does not protect the wild fish and impact genetic introgression arising from any escapes
Received 16/04/2021, deadline 14/05/2021, Goba Bharra, Loch Fyne Marine Scot, Deposit of Marine Farm Renewal for the farm location, ADSFB did not comment as we do not have any influence on

March 2021

Received 15/03/2021, Deadline  16/04/2021 Glen Forsa Highfield Forestry Scoping Request. ADSFB responded:  Welcome native tree planting, recommend usage of sensitive drainage methods
Received 08/03/2021 Knapdale A&B Council 21/00002/PP Micro hydro scheme No comment required, no impact on any fish habitat due to the very small nature of the watercourse / scheme
Received 22/03/2021, Kilberry Wind Farm Scot Gov Scoping Request. ADSFB recommend that the developer need to identify and mitigate for any additional pressures on the water environment and fish populations resulting from the development.
Received 18/03/2021,Aros Burn, Mull A&B Council 20/02330/PP, Pipeline Development, ADSFB requested further information on the design of the water intake related to ensuring no fish are taken into the pipeline before planning permission is approved.
09/03/2021 06/04/2021 Meal Mhor, Glen Forsa Marine Scot 9065 Deposit of Marine Farm, No comment as no change to current production

February 2021

Received 09/02/2021, Deadline  03/03/2021-Creagh Dhabh to Dalmally-Scot Govt 275KV Connection-Attention to spawning areas and requested sensitive work to be done
Received 01/02/2021- Deadline 03/02/2021-Dunstaffnage- A&B COUNCIL 20/02358/MFF Increase to biomass Objection submitted with supporting evidence

Deadline 26/02/2021- Lismore West A&B Council 20/02359/MFF- Increase in cages- Objection submitted with supporting evidence

January 2021

Deadline 15/02/2020- Loch Feochan- Marine Scotland- 9002- Moorings- No need to consult on application

Arrivain, River Lochy Amco Girren -ISO1223-CP6 Works to structure- Recommended limited works until May to not disturb trout

Eas Mor, Arran Waterman Group- 17795 Landslip Construction -Satisfied that the proposed works can be carried out in the winter

West Highland Line IKM- New culvert replacement- No objections,-requested new culverts at the downstream side

December 2020

Deadline 03/12/2020- Dunoon SSE -LT1933 -Routeing Consultation

Deadline 18/12/2020- Musdale Windfarm- Scot Govt ECU00002168 -Scoping opinion

Deadline 14/12/2020- Kintarbert Hydro SEPA CAR/L/1088889- 21 day notice of approval for abstraction of water from Abhann Na Cuille

Received 02/11/2020- Deadline 03/12/2020- Dunoon SSE- LT1933 Routeing Consultation

November 2020

Deadline 15/12/2020 – Loch Creran Marine Scotland – 8963 – Mooring-  No comment required, does not affect wild fish interests

Received 14/10/2020-Deadline 11/11/2020- Loch Etive- Marine Scotland 8921 -Deposit of Dawnfresh Fishfarm- No comment given on the basis that it is for existing farm structures and this consultation does not consider the management practices of the farm.

October 2020

Deadline 14/09/2020 -Dippin Burn Balfour Beatty Installation of fibre cable- Happy with proposed methodology, requested images and report on completion

Received 05/10/2020- Deadline 03/11/2020- Ardura Com Forrest UKFCG- Entry into UKFCG memberships

September 2020

Received 27/08/20 – Deadline 25/09/2020  -Creag Dhubh SSE 255K Connection to Dalmally. Asked for consultation when fish passages are involved.                                 Received 03/09/2020-Deadline 24/09/2020- Isle of Mull SSE CAR/L/1008861 21 Day notice. No further comment as will concentrate on EMP.
Received 10/09/2020 River Goil Scottish Power Emergency repair work Feedback given and asked for consultation on repair work.

August 2020

Received 07/07/2020, deadline 04/08/2020, Airds Point Marine Scotland 7316 Deposit of Dawnfresh Fish Farm. No response required.
Received 27/07/2020, deadline 14/08/2020, McCauley Burn SEPA CAR/S/1192728 Engineering work to recuse corrosion. Objection as work started without licence or adequate planning and concerns for damage to fish habitat
Received 29/07/2020, deadline 16/08/2020, Creagan Bridge Marine Scotland, 7275 Bridge Maintenance- No response given
Received 03/08/2020, deadline 28/08/2020, Dalness Estate Scottish Woodlands Scoping Request- No response given
Received 05/08/2020, deadline 02/09/2020, Rothesay Outer Harbour A&B Council 7201 Capital Dredging and Sea Deposit- No response given

July 2020

deadline 13/07/2020 Sailean Ruadh, Loch Etive Marine Scotland 7313 Deposit of Dawnfresh Fish Farm No response required
deadline 13/07/2020 Port Na Mine, Loch Etive Marine Scotland 7317 Deposit of Dawndfesh Fish Farm
deadline 03/07/2020 Loch Linnhe SEPA CAR/L/1000890 Increase marine cage capacity No response needed
deadline 21/07/2020 Colintraive Ferry Terminal Marine Scotland 7297 Extension of Terminal Ferry No response required
deadline 15/07/2020 Eredine Wind Farm Scot Govt Scoping Request
deadline 05/07/2020 REC comittee ADSFB/AFT Expert advice Consulting and editing submission to REC
deadline 20/07/2020 Dunstaffanage Marine Scotland 7280 Construction of outfall pipe No response needed
deadline 20/07/2020 Kintarbert Hydro SEPA CAR/L/1088889 Relaxation of abstraction restrictions Opposed to changes, evidenve required to ensure that migration of trout will not be affected

June 2020

received 15/06/2020, deadline  13/07/2020,  Sailean Ruadh, Loch Etive Marine Scotland 7313 Deposit of Dawnfresh Fish Farm
received 15/06/2020, deadline 13/07/2020 Port Na Mine, Loch Etive Marine Scotland 7317 Deposit of Dawndfesh Fish Farm
received 12/06/2020, deadline03/07/2020 Loch Linnhe SEPA CAR/L/1000890 Increase marine cage capacity
received 23/06/2020, deadline 21/07/2020 Colintraive Ferry Terminal Marine Scotland 7297 Extension of Terminal Ferry

May 2020

26/06/2020 -Inveraray, South of Jail, Marine Scotland- 7276- Reapir of sea wall. No comment required
06/06/2020 -Earraghail Renewable Energy- Argyll and Bute- Scoping Request. Asked for consideration of passage for fish, silt mangement and fish surveys pre and post development

April 2020

4/29/2020 -Rothesay, Isle of Bute- Argyll and Bute -7204 -Replacement of moorings No comment required
5/7/2020 -Ardrishaig,-Argyll Marine Scotland -07045v- Pontoon , no comment.
5/25/2020 -Arrdura Community Forest Sylva- Culture Scoping request Positive response offering advice and help on improving habitat
06/04/2020 Charlottes Bay, Nrth Kererra Marine Scotland 7814
27/04/2020 Achnatree Morrings Marine Scotland 7188 Moorings
03/04/2020 29/04/2020 Rothesay, Isle of Bute Argyll and Bute 7204 Replacement of moorings

March 2020

06/04/2020 Loch Creran, Argyll Marine Scotland 7165 HDV Cable development No comments required

February 2020

Deadline 05/03/2020 -Loch Etive Cuaseway -A&B COUNCIL- 693- Causeway Construction
Deadline 25/02/2020- Narachan Wind Farm, Loch Etive- Energie Kontor Winfarm Land Management Plan
Deadline 26/02/2020- West Loch Awe Land Management Plan Forestry and Land Scotland -Incorporating the forest blocks of Collaig, Inverinan, Loch Avich and Inverliever- No comments required

January 2020
Deadline 03/02/2020 -Strachur, Cairndow -MARINE SCOTLAND- 7100- Repair Outfall Pipe- No comments required
Deadline 07/02/2020- Ardyne- A&B COUNCIL- 19/02539/MFF- Change of equipment and biomass- Effective EMP requested as one provided was not detailed enough
Deadline 02/01/202-0 East of Miust Point -North Ayrshire Council- 19/00609/PPM- Installation and operation of Atlantic Salmon Fish Farm -Opposed to further development, EMP does not assess properly lice burden
Deadline 08/01/2020- Colonsay A&B Council- 19/02546/PREAPP -New location for Fish Farm -Requested that planning condition is attached to any increase in production under Nature Conservation Act 2004
Deadline 06/02/2020- North Lismore- A&B Council- 19/02625/MFF- Consolidation of two existing fish farms, no increase to biomass-No objections, requested EMP to be put in place
Deadline 10/02/2020- Various Locations- Marine Scotland- 07105 RNLI- Low impact maintenance on pontoons -No response from ADSFB
Deadline 27/01/20- Mill Burn, Millport RPS Group FlOod Risk Assessment on behalf of North Ayrshire Council- ADSFB provided feedback
Deadline 14/02/20 – Loch Feochan Marine Scotland 7151 New Mooring No response required

December 2019

Deadline 19th December-Scottish Salmon Company- Loch Striven Marine Scotland -7093- Fish Farm at Loch Striven
Deadline 19th December – Loch Na Cille Marine Scotland- 7008 -2 new private moorings
Deadline 19th December – Loch Na Keal -Scot Salmon Co Marine Scotland- 0618V -2 new cages and moorings
6th December 2019 -North Kilbrannan- MOWI- New Site at North Kilbrannan- EMP requested, objected expansion Deadline 6th December 2019 – MOWI- North Kilbrannan -New Site at North Kilbrannan EMP requested, objected expansion
Deadline 7th January 2020- North Argyll Forrest Forestry and Land Scot Land managament
Deadline 8th January 2020- Creran Land Managament- Forestry and Land Scoland managament
Deadline 8th January 2020- Appin Land Managament -Forestry and Land Scot Land managament

November 2019
Corran Bridge – Bear Scotland -708-1 Bridge Reapirs, Corrand Bridge -Does not affect in-stream fish habits, no comment required
Brackley Estate Scottish Woodlands- n/a- Improve Forest Biodiversity- No comment required, does not affect watercourses
SE of Feorline -A&B Council -19/01880/99- Extension to Hydro Pipeline SE of Ferline- No further comments

October 2019
Deadline 30th October 2019 -Marine Scotland-7058-Pontoon at Eriska Hotel, Bend

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